About Eagle’s Wings

You will have the exclusive use of the retreat during your stay. There is the main lodge and also two separate cabins.The three bedroom lodge is truly unique. It features a wood burning stove, an incredible view, custom-made cedar and pine furniture, and comfortable beds. There is a hot shower, bathroom, and cedar sauna for those essential creature comforts.Our staff is here to serve you, and will prepare delicious meals for you – even with your fresh-caught catch of the day should you desire! A large covered deck faces west overlooking the bay with islands, mountains, and beautiful sunsets. A large lodge style dining table easily seats everyone. So you will be kind-of roughing it, but not really.

We hope the picture you have is one of a great time with your group, doing things you like, at your own pace…that is the idea behind Eagle’s Wings. Your stay will be custom designed according to your desires. Reconnect with family or friends or use your time to brainstorm with a work or church group. You may just find after your first visit that with the affordable rates, the great variety of activities, and the opportunity to unwind and rest by the tranquil waters…..it doesn’t have to be a once in a lifetime thing.

General Information

What to bring… Dressing in layers is highly recommended with the potential for rapidly changing weather conditions. Daytime temperatures will usually run in the 60’s and 70’s. It can rain on and off several times a day so rain gear is a must as well as boots or shoes that are water proof…an extra pair of sneaker type shoes may be fine some days. Hats and gloves of any type are recommended and don’t forget sunglasses and sunscreen. Comfortable slippers work great at the lodge.

Don’t forget your camera as we will take all the time you would like to shoot pictures of your Alaskan experience. A small nap sack or day bag to carry your camera, lunch and layered clothing items on the boat would be handy.

At Eagle’s Wings we are environmentally conscious. We only use soaps or cleaning products designed to minimize harm to the natural world. Please bring only bio-degradable soaps, shampoos or rinse, or feel free to use ours.