COVID-19 - June 1, 2020 Update

To our 2020 guests:

 As of today the Governor of Alaska has lifted the 14 day quarantine! However, there is a new  requirement now in its place: each traveler entering the State must be tested for COVID-19 within 72 hours of boarding a plane to Alaska. Although this is not ideal, at least it makes it possible to be in Alaska without having to quarantine! Please see attached article from today's Anchorage Daily News for more details.
    News articles state that several airlines and airports have been looking into whether some sort of COVID-19 testing would be possible at check-in, but as of this date we have not found out whether any of them have actually implemented testing. All that we know at this point regarding travel restrictions is that all passengers will be required to wear face masks on the plane. Please be sure and check with your airline closer to your departure date to get the most updated requirements.
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