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Eagles Wings Alaska Retreat testimonial“Mark, thanks for one of the most memorable five days of my life. A fabulous Alaska experience both in beauty, adventure and hospitality. You, Patricia and Butch created a true family atmosphere and warmth. You have a beautiful setting and a great part of Alaska. Great fishing capping it all off. Mark, you have a special thing going here. I wish you much success in exposing many more people to your hospitality and this beautiful place. You have surrounded yourself with wonderful people in Patricia and Butch. I can’t wait for a family reunion here with you all. God bless.” – Terry, Akron, OH, August 2018

Eagles Wings Alaska Retreat testimonial
“Beth & Mark, thank you for another great and successful trip with a few new experiences. I have so many great memories for the past three years. I appreciate the friendship we have created and looked forward to our next meeting. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe.” – Myron, August 2018

Eagles Wings Alaska Retreat testimonial- Randy
“Thank you for an experience that I will never forget. Everyone was very kind and thoughtful. You guys were great.” – Randy, August 2018

Eagles Wings Alaska Retreat testimonial
“Eagles wings is truly a wonderful retreat. Mark, Patricia, and Joe were great hosts. Hats off to Patricia for the splendid cuisine. Sitting here looking out the windows at the serene bay setting is something to remember and a memory to take home. Can’t wait to come back!” – George, Novato, CA, August 2018

Eagles Wings Alaska Retreat testimonial jim
“Mark and Beth, all I expected and so much more. My heart is full and my mind is at ease from my stay. God bless you and your crew. Love you guys.” – Jim C., August 2018

Eagles Wings Retreat testimonial
“Best 5 days I’ve had in a long time. You and your staff made it more than special. Will definitely recommend your ‘retreat’ to family and friends. Thanks for a great time!” – Scott, August 2018

“Dearest Mark + Beth – Thank you so much for the time of my life – The fishing today was the topper – A boat limit for 4 Timmer boys. Thank for your love, hospitality, gourmet food, and getting to experience Alaska living. I will never forget my vacation in your home. What a beautiful environment you to live in!!” Don

“Thanks Mark and Beth for sharing this beautiful place. It is truly an authentic ‘Alaskan experience’: great fishing, great food, great coffee, and wonderful company!” – Mark, Carmel, CA

“Thank you so much for the awesome experience I’ve had in Alaska with you. Your place is absolutely beautiful! The fishing and staff were great. Alaska was on my bucket list and I could not have had a better experience. Captain Marks piloting allowed us to land many fine salmon. He is a great host and all-around wonderful guy. The food was perfect; Patricia worked hard to serve delicious meals, pack our daily lunches, and take care of our needs. Thanks for the best Alaskan experience anyone could have.” – Gary, Hesperus, CA

“A date with destiny – five days in the wilds of Alaska with family and friends, a beautiful gift. We enjoyed amazing sleep, great conversations, the gift of lovingly prepared food, amazing weather: sunshine, mist; whales surfacing, sea otters sleeping, see lions skating, huge seas, calm waters, the amazing ebb and flow of life, capped with the interaction with all here. A beautiful connection – like the blending of spices; you expressed such love and it brought us all together. Thank you again from for an unforgettable experience.” – Jim, Bozeman, MT